Music Therapist, Musician and Vocal Coach

Wim Koevoets works as a Music Therapist and is based in Kingston upon Thames. He has been living in the UK since 2018 and has had a 30-year-career as a singer-guitarist and singing teacher in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Music is a language in which people can express anything, internal feelings and thoughts, that might be difficult to express in words. Music moves us emotionally, physically and intellectually. Music can make us cry and laugh, it can make us dance or just move our arms and legs, and it helps us to structure our thoughts and feelings, even when words fail us.

Moreover, music helps us to relate to one another. It helps to share our love and compassion for ourselves and the world around us. Whenever we make music, we experience a sense of togetherness that’s bigger than words.

In these two qualities, movement and loving relationship, lies the healing power of music.

As a Music Therapist, Wim Koevoets is registered in the HCPC, under number AS16199. Please check on

Wim is member of the BAMT, British Association of Music Therapists, under number 10654, Please check on




Mobile UK 079 018 65 561
Mobile NL 0031 (0)6 407 04 620

2 thoughts on “Welcome page

  1. Wim,
    tot jou spreekt een stem uit het verleden. haha, niet schrikken, it is I Hans Ruis van Spirit uit Dongen. Wij zoeken een nieuwe dirigent op de maandagavond. Weet jij iemand?

  2. Hi

    Please could you let me know how much you charge for your performances and how long they run for?

    Kind regards

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