Basic principles

Music therapy is based on the fundamental healing power of music that most people consciously or unconsciously use in their everyday lives. People like to listen to music that matches their mood. In the morning they will probably listen to a different type of music than in the evening. People also listen to music to change their mood. If they feel down they might want to listen to music that cheers them up. Or when they feel anxious they might want to listen to music that calms them or that makes them want to dance, whether they are alone or together with others. Almost all of us can think of ways we use music to either match or change our mood, and to relate to each other.

These principles are even more effective when we actively engage in music making. Music therapy gives clients a means of discovering these principles for themselves. You don’t have to be a skilled musician to experience the benefits of expressing yourself in improvised music making, using a variety of percussion instruments, a keyboard or guitar and your own voice, in a trusting relationship with the therapist. It can help you to build up your self-confidence, your ability to focus and express yourself emotionally, and to find different ways of relating to others.

As an experienced singer-guitarist and singing teacher I am specialized in using breathing techniques and voice expression therapeutically. Improvisation on a wide range of other instruments may be used as well. Using existing songs or guided songwriting can also be part of the therapeutic process.

Target groups

Music therapy is often used for children with autism and/or learning disabilities. Lately there has been a lot of media-attention on the evidence based benefits for people with dementia, or acquired brain injury. It can also be very useful to help people cope with periods of depression, anxiety, grieve or loneliness. Music therapy can help you to enjoy life again, to see the light again after a period of darkness. It will help you to move in every possible way when you feel you are stuck and it will help you to enjoy your relationships with others in a new way.

I am motivated by compassion, which is rooted in my Christian faith. I am able to provide Music Therapy in the form of Online sessions. Please ask for more information.

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