When Wim Koevoets in 1984 decided to be a singer-guitarist he wrote dozens of songs to feed several bands in a short period of time. Later, studying at the Brabant Conservatory in the Netherlands, he dedicated himself to improving his vocal abilities. Stevie Wonder was his greatest example, because of his richness in vocal expression and style transcending musical talent. Other examples were great artists like Michel Fugain, Paul McCartney, Celia Cruz and Ella Fitzgerald.

By the end of the eighties Wim discovered a new playing field. Like a modern Troubadour he performed at weddings and parties all over the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany. He has taken care of thousands of gigs, solo or with his loyal colleagues: accordionist Michael Breukers, with whom he forms duo The Maestroos, tubaist Erik Potters and saxophonist Ron Franken, with whom he forms The acoustic trio, and drummer Thijs Verwer and doublebass-player André van Son, with whom he forms the allround acoustic band Café Bellevue.

Wim’s extensive repertoire includes pop classics, jazz standards, French Songs, Caribbean music and Dutch traditional songs. Versatility is his specialism.

All of Wim’s performances are fully passionate. It doesn’t matter if he is singing on a wedding or performing in a shopping mall or in a home for elderly people. He wants to make people laugh, cry and use every opportunity to make them dance. Everything to make a special event even more colorful and tasteful, thereby leaving an unforgettable impression.