Singer, musician, singing teacher, coach, director and music therapist.

After a career of over thirty years in music as a performer, teacher, vocal coach, choir director and recently as music therapist, Wim’s passion for music is still as intense now as it was then. Wim is driven by the desire to work with people, to move people, to stir them, to let them dance. To get himself and others in motion. In 1984, after an uncompleted study in psychology, he decided that music was the most appropriate medium for him to fulfill this ambition.

Music, especially singing, is a language through which one can express internal feelings and thoughts. Thoughts about people and society, feelings in bright colors like grief, anger, joy and fear, and more delicate shades such as nostalgia, comfort, tenderness and gratitude. The keyword is relationship.

Working at a loving relationship towards himself, his fellow human being and the world surrounding him is the core of Wim’s ambition. Music to him is the ideal playground.

As a Music Therapist, Wim Koevoets is registered in the HCPC, under number AS16199. Please check on 

In the Netherlands, Wim Koevoets is registered in the NVnMT, under number 106657. Please check on 

Wim Koevoets
Mobile UK 079 018 65 561
Mobile NL 0031 (0)6 407 04 620
KvK Tilburg 18037728

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