There is no life without it’s setbacks. Every human being sometimes gets exposed to loss, illness, divorce or violence. People can struggle also with psychological setbacks, such as depressions, fears or problems in the autistic spectrum. Music offers a fantastic tool to deal with these setbacks and to learn how to enjoy life again.

Wim Koevoets’ experiences as a singer and teacher inspired him to follow a four years study in music therapy in one of the most highly regarded schools for higher education in the Netherlands, in the town of Amersfoort. He graduated with merit in 2017. Compassion is the keyword regarding his vision on his profession, inspired by his background in Christian Faith.

Every story is worth to be listened to, and if it’s difficult to tell the tale in words, music might offer a better way. As a therapist, Wim invites the client to improvise, but also to use existing pieces, or self-written songs. Lyrics might be strictly personal, but could also be inspired by religious beliefs. Even vocal expression and liberation of the voice without the use of words are methods to work with. Anything that meets the possibilities and preferences of the client.

His experience in working with the human voice, made Wim a specialist in helping the client to restore the contact with his own optimal, relaxed breathing and with the possibilities of self-expression that music and singing can offer. In individual sessions the client works at deepening his understanding of the significance of music. Inner conflicts could be processed and new insights could be developed concerning topics like concentration and the fear to fail.

Group-sessions could be used to develop a better understanding of how one relates to other people. How one can listen to others without losing grip on his own sound and contribution. How working together can lead to fellowship, true connection. How feelings, thoughts and experiences can be shared in such a way that making music together becomes a wonderful, healing experience.

As a therapist, Wim has worked with several target groups, such as mentally restricted people, elderly people, people with autism, people with post-traumatic stress disorder, people with traumatic brain injury and refugees.

As a Music Therapist, Wim Koevoets is registered in the HCPC, under number AS16199. Please check on 

In the Netherlands, Wim Koevoets is registered in the NVnMT, under number 106657. Please check on