His study, Geïmproviseerde muziek Zang (Vocal improvised music) at the Brabant Conservatory in the Netherlands, provided Wim Koevoets with a technical and theoretical foundation to start up his career as a performer. After graduating in 1991 he worked for several years in the music industry, building up experiences first as a performing artist and later as a teacher of both individuals and groups. These experiences continue to be the basis for communicating his ideas in an effective way to amateur singers and young professionals.

The central message is that singing can only be meaningful if a person sings with everything that’s within him, from the crown of his head to his toes, with his underbelly, his heart and his mind. Then for amateur singers, music is a wonderful way to enrich one’s life. For professionals it is an absolute condition to have a successful career.

In order for singing to be meaningful, students should not restrict themselves to technical and theoretical aspects. It is vital that they are equally open to discussions about their feelings, political or religious believes, memories and experiences, as these could be sources of creativity or inhibition in expressing oneself.

Throughout his career, Wim has seen that this approach helped students to let singing contribute to the way a person gives meaning to his or her journey through life, even those who previously thought they couldn’t sing at all.